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Our Service - Making you more profitable

Many clients are now shopping around for financial services and a well written, bespoke report can make your service stand out from the competition. Our advanced paraplanning service can help to give you the competitive edge, with the time to grow client relationships and justify your on-going fees.

Our aim is to provide you with a flexible service, tailored to fit your needs, with as little or as much paraplanning as you want. We can provide you with pure report writing (writing bespoke reports or working with your preferred templates) or a full paraplanning service where you provide us with a factfind, risk profile and policy information and we do the rest. Having the discretionary management qualification (IMC) and experience of investment management, we can also carry out portfolio reviews of existing portfolios and help you put together investment recommendations.

Having adviser insight, we understand that it is the soft facts about your clients that turn a report from a 'just for compliance' document into something specific and personal, that clients will want to read. We take the time to get to know your business and style of working so that any written communication reflects you and your business. We never forget that you are the adviser and our customer, so the reports and recommendations are based on your specifications. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Making your Life Easier

We can assist you with traditional paraplanning and also help with other areas such as writing newsletters to clients and professional connections.

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Lime Services

  • Your own highly qualified and experienced paraplanner; wherever you are based

  • Report writing (bespoke or using your chosen template)

  • Product Research

  • Constructing bespoke Investment portfolios

  • Client portfolio reviews

  • Case discussion

  • Assistance with client newsletters

  • Working with your in-house paraplanner

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