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Why Outsource

The Benefits of outsourcing your paraplanning are as follows:

  • Spend less time on paperwork and more time with clients building and sustaining relationships.
  • Have all of the benefits of your own paraplanner without having the fixed cost of employing an in-house paraplanner (where you still need to pay their wages even when business is slow)
  • You only pay for the paraplanning you need
  • Have access to an experienced, highly qualified individual wherever you live in the UK
  • Save on employment costs (no sick pay, maternity pay, national insurance, pension contributions)

What does a paraplanner do?

We firmly believe that a paraplanner should be a professional who is at least as qualified and experienced as the advisers they work with.

The role of such a paraplanner would include the following tasks (and an outsourced paraplanner should be no different):

  • Product research
  • Putting together portfolios and reviewing existing investments
  • Talking through cases with an adviser, to provide a second pair of eyes or another viewpoint
  • Writing recommendation reports
  • Completing full financial planning reports for clients
  • Writing technical blogs and newsletters for the adviser (if required)
  • Above all freeing up an adviser's time so that they can spend more time in front of clients

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