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About Lime Paraplanning

Lime Paraplanning Ltd was founded by Rebecca Lucas after working for 13 years in financial services as both an adviser and paraplanner. Rebecca is proud to be a Fellow of the PFS and both a Chartered and Certified Financial planner and in addition holds the STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) Certificate for financial services, Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and AF3 (Pension transfers). Rebecca's many years of experience and vast array of qualifications can add real value to your business, wherever you are in the UK.

Before founding Lime Paraplanning, Rebecca had a varied career including working as an IFA within a law firm and as an IFA with the British Medical Association. This means she has a range of technical expertise as well as experience of working within different compliance regimes. Rebecca's previous work has not only passed through the strictest of compliance departments but has also stood up to scrutiny of The Court of Protection (when advising incapacitated clients). Rebecca also has experience of managing and training teams of paraplanners so can work with your existing in-house team if required.


  • Fellow of the Personal Finance Society
  • Chartered Financial Planner (APFS)
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFPtm)
  • Investment Management Certificate (IMC)
  • Mortgage Advice Qualification (Cert CII MP)
  • STEP Certificate for Financial Services
  • CII Exams: J04 (Pension Funding), J05 (Pension Income), AF3 (Pension Transfers), CF8 (Longterm Care), R03 (Tax), R05 (Protection), CF7 (Equity Release), CF9 (Pension simplification) G10 (Tax and Trusts), G20 (Investment Planning), Savings and Investments (SV1), FPC 1,2,3

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